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We all have those items that you always seem to lose or just constantly need more of no matter how many you buy. For many people, that item is lip balm. Most of us can attest to having a few rolling around in the bottom of our bags, and who doesn’t have at least two hanging out in their desk drawers? So unless you magically keep track of your teeny-tiny tube of lip balm wherever you go, chances are you’re looking to buy more. To help you navigate which to buy, we put together a list of some very hydrating (and mostly very cheap) options recommended by makeup artists, a dermatologist, and Strategist staffers who are very passionate about their balms.

Lip balm is something we all keep about, no matter if you keep a clean girl artistic or prefer full glam. There’s a reason we don’t pace around applying face cream like we do lip balm: “Lips don’t take any sebaceous glands, which are the glands that save your skin moisturized, so your lips are on their own,” clarifies dermatologist and Macrene Actives founder Macrene Alexiades, M.D. Lip balm be situated just an optional add-on to your beauty routine it’s really a crucial step in keeping your lips healthy.

If you feel like your lips are continually dry, you’re not alone. Our lips have a very reedy top layer of skin, so you lose a lot of moisture to the setting, according to Shereene Idriss, M.D., a dermatologist and the creator of Idriss Dermatology. Things like low humidity, wind, sun contact, and dehydration can cause excessive flaking and dryness. Lip balms are our first line of protection to these concerns, and they also create a even canvas for any lipstick drugstore or then you layer on top.

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