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Makeup Sponges Write for Us

Makeup sponges come in all shapes and sizes. Popular egg-shaped beauty sponges have taken the world by storm, but there are over 20 types of beauty sponges. Suppose you’ve secretly wondered what makeup sponge to use and when we’re here to put your mind at ease. The secret is out, ladies, and today we’re going to break down the ins and outs of makeup sponges.

Makeup Sponges Write for Us

What shape of makeup sponge is best?

Makeup artists and bloggers favor the classic teardrop or oval-shaped makeup sponge. The small tapered end is perfect for targeted jobs like blending concealer around the eyes, and the large end helps press the foundation into larger areas like the cheeks and chin.

Beauty blender makeup sponge beauty

Beautyblender remains designed to apply and blend any cream or liquid makeup product onto the skin for a smooth, poreless finish. It’s known for its ‘exclusive aqua-activated foam’ and sphere shape that can reach almost every contour on your face.

How to use this makeup sponge: Get the sponge wet, squeeze excess water, and blend. It’s that easy! When to use this makeup sponge: Use foundation, concealer, beauty balms (more commonly known as bb creams), serums, and moisturizers.

The good: The beauty blender is known for its flawless, poreless finish. If you hate the tacky feeling of foundation on all of your fingers, the Beauty Blender is a great applicator. The bad: It can absorb much of your precious makeup when dry. While touted as being able to, the sphere shape doesn’t reach every facial contour.

Pretty Pro tip: The beauty blender can be wet or dry, but the Pretty Pros prefer dry for initial application and wet to bounce and blend makeup into the skin.

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