The Most Popular Indian Drama of Colors TV Sasural Simar ka

The Most Popular Indian Drama of Colors TV Sasural simar ka

Sasural Simar ka

Sasural simar ka

Sasural Simar Ka (translated as Simar’s in-laws) is an Indian soap opera premiered on April 25, 2011, on Colors TV with production by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. The show starred Dipika Kakar, Avika Gor, Shoaib Ibrahim, Manish Raisinghan, Jayati Bhatia, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Keerti Gaekwad Kelkar, and Mazher Sayed. On March 2, 2018, the show ended with 2,063 episodes and became the second longest-running Indian television series on color television after Balika Vadhu. The second season of this series, a spiritual sequel called Sasural Simar Ka 2, aired on the same channel on April 26, 2021, and launched immediately after the tenth anniversary of the first season ended.

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Details of the Drama Sasural Simar ka

Details of the Drama Sasural Simar ka

Director: Pawan Kumar Marut

Creator : Rashmi Sharma with Ekta Kapur

Creative director: Dolly Mazumdar

  • Starcast : Dipika Kakar
  • Avika Gor
  • Shoaib Ibrahim
  • Dheeraj Dhoopar
  • Manish Raisinghan
  • Jayati Bhatia
  • Keerti Gaekwad Kelkar
  • Mazher Sayed
  • Producers: Rashmi Sharma, Pawan Kumar Marut

Production Company: Rashmi Sharma Telefilms

Production locations: Mumbai

Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Fantasy

Channel Network: Colors TV

Actual Release: April 25, 2011 – March 2, 2018

Language:  Hindi

Country; India

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Watch Sasural Simar ka

Watch Sasural Simar ka

Watch Sasural simar ka with just some clicks; the user can also watch Sasural simar ka in HD video. That is, you can watch the Sasural simar ka, Download Voot online From website or you can watch it on Colors TV, a most Famous network channel.

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More About the Drama Sasural simar ka

More About the Drama Sasural simar ka


The story revolves around the lives of two sisters from Vrindavan, Simar, and Roli. They respectively marry Prem and Siddhant, the sons of the Bharadwaj family, and how they become the perfect daughters-in-law of the Bharadwaj house while facing off against various challenging situations. , solving multiple problems and defeating the bad guys who come to destroy your family.


Simar dreams of becoming a dancer, but her conservative parents are against her dream, seeing dancing as an inappropriate and obscene occupation. Instead, they plan to marry her daughter off to wealthy businessman Prem Bharadwaj. Soon, Khushi enters Bhardwaj’s house to take revenge on her sister and kill Simar.Khushi tried to mix poison into Simar’s juice on Simar’s birthday, but she was saved from it. Roli tried to present Khushi’s true face in front of her family, but Simar kicked Roli out of the house. Simar became pregnant, and Khushi tried several times to kill Simar but always failed. Roli unknowingly hits a car, and a woman named Sunaina is killed. To save Roli, Simar visits Sunaina’s family, fakes her death, and lives as Sunaina by raising her daughter, Sanjana, as Sunaina’s husband, Vikrant, instructed.

Two years later

Simar returns to his family and finds out that Prem has remarried another woman named Surabhi. Simar, Roli, Prem, and Siddhant also have to deal with a supernatural creature: the spirit of Sunaina who returned for revenge, Baa and Kartik (Vikrant’s mother and brother), who were the people behind Sunaina’s death and also with Vikrant, who falls in love. With Simar. Finally, Sunaina and Surabhi (who are trying to kill/suppress Simar) are banned. Vikrant tries to assassinate Prem and is sent to jail. Simar and Prem adopt Sanjana.

24 years later

After significant time jumps, the story shows Simar and Piyush returning to Bharadwaj House and reuniting with their family after various plot scenarios. Although, Simar and Prem’s daughter Anjali, raised by Bharadwaj’s treacherous and cunning daughter-in-law, Khushi, has become a selfish and spoiled fashionista who blames her mother for abandoning her. Simar and Prem together help their children with their lives. They married Anjali with Vikram Agarwal and later Piyush with her best friend, Roshni Kapoor. After Simar helps Anjali manage her marriage, Anjali accepts her mother.

Six Moths Later

Six months pass after Roshni’s sad disappearance. The show tells the story of Simar and Prem finding their son Piyush, lost after Roshni’s death six months earlier, and managing the married life of his adopted daughter, Sanjana. Simar discovers that Piyush has lost his memory and is taken in by Avni and her mother, Hema. Simar takes his son to Bharadwaj with Avni and Hema. Bhairavi has returned from prison and lives with Sameer and Sanjana but is considering revenge, having paid Avni and Hema to kidnap Piyush and destroy the Bharadwaj family. The Bharadwaj’s worship the Mother Goddess and celebrate unity. Part apologizes to Simar for his past mistakes. Simar also remembers his sister Roli and Nirmala says the Bharadwaj family is not just a family but also a thought. He ends the first season of protagonist Simar.


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