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Eczema write for us

Eczema Write For Us – Eczema is inflammation of the skin. Inflammation is a warning that the body is fighting back against something. These can be pathogens such as viruses, bacteria or fungi. But certain pollutants, allergens and even mental influences can stress the skin so much that it sets its defense mechanisms in motion.

How this inflammatory reaction occurs varies from eczema to eczema and in some cases has not yet been clarified. In most cases, several influences are involved in the development of eczema.

Possible triggers of seborrheic eczema include an infection with yeast fungi or staphylococci, oily skin and a weakened immune system. Atopic eczema is also caused by the interaction of several factors. An important role is probably played above all by the hereditary predisposition, a disorder of the immune system, as well as psychological stress.

In the past, doctors mistakenly considered the rash to be a nerve inflammation, which gave the disease the name “neurodermatitis” (Greek neuron = nerve, derma = skin, -itis for inflammation).

Toxic contact eczema can occur when the skin comes into contact with harmful influences such as UV radiation, strong heat or cold and/or toxins. Even harmless substances can cause contact eczema if the skin is hypersensitive to it. In this case, it is a so-called allergic contact eczema.

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