4Cs to Know About Before Buying a Diamond Stud

Diamond Stud

Whether you’re a minimalist or someone who loves to pamper yourself with luxury jewellery, a diamond stud can never disappoint you. Almost every woman loves diamond studs because it artistically amalgamates the beauty of timeless diamonds and sophisticated metal stud settings. If you’re looking for some variations or trendy stud designs, check here.

The sheer beauty of diamond stud earrings has captivated many women into purchasing a pair for themselves, and rightly so. But have you bought these sparkling stud earrings yet? If no, we have something for you. Diamond jewellery is expensive, and you have to make sure you put your money on the best quality pair. To help you navigate your way, we’ve listed down the four most important C’s that you should look for before finalizing any diamond stud earring:

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The first C you should look after is clarity. It refers to the inclusions and blemishes available on a diamond. If a diamond has inclusions and blemishes, it will negatively affect the diamond’s appearance by making it look cloudy and less visually appealing. It can also lower the diamond’s sparkle, which will eventually make the diamond look dull. So before purchasing any diamond jewellery, ask the retailer about the diamond’s clarity grade.

If you’re making an online purchase, you can find the same mentioned in the product description. Look for clarity grade FL (flawless) if you don’t want to compromise with the diamond’s clarity. It will be expensive than those with slight inclusions and blemishes, but the extra investment will be worth it.


For the uninitiated, a carat refers to the diamond’s weight. You can also get a near accurate idea of the diamond’s size if you know the carat. Though very few women would bother to check the diamond’s weight and size, you should check it if you prefer to wear lightweight jewellery. You should also check the cart weight and size, so you can pick a diamond that best complements your face shape and facial features.


Some tend to confuse diamond’s color with colored diamonds. If you’re a diamond lover, you must be aware that diamonds are available in a range of hues, including- blue, yellow, and pink, besides the mainstream white. But the color here refers to the whiteness of a white diamond.

Color is an important factor for those who prefer to wear flawless, white, and sparkling white diamond jewellery. White diamonds are graded for their color on a scale from D to Z, wherein D grade is assigned to the most colorless or whitest diamond. The grade Z is given to white diamonds with a yellowish tone.  If this sounds like you, visit this site right here to grab the best available designs and quality diamond jewellery. You can check the product descriptions to know about the color grade before making a purchase.


A cut can be best defined as the diamond’s shape. Diamonds are cut in various shapes, like- round brilliant, princess cut, cushion cut, pear cut, and more to enhance the gemstone’s brilliance and beauty. Luckily, cuts are just styles and have nothing to do with quality. So you can pick whatever cut you like.

If you make a purchase taking into account all these 4 C’s, you’re guaranteed to get the best diamond studs.