Opt-in for a Carnelian Necklace – Know the Healing Properties and the Necklace Types

Carnelian Necklace

Carnelian Necklace: Crystal jewelry is becoming famous today amongst women! Every woman wants to dress up well and look her best. When it comes to jewelry, not all woman has the same preference. However, crystal jewelry has a high demand because it looks exquisite, but the crystal stones also bring in a set of healing and metaphysical properties. Hence, when a woman chooses a crystal necklace, she doesn’t just select a beautiful pendant but also a crystal that benefits her aura and energy with its innate healing properties. Visit Puravidabracelet for more jewelry and also womens anklet.

One of the popular crystals that get used in making necklaces is Carnelian. According to gemology, Carnelian belongs to the Chalcedony family and is a silica material that takes the color from iron oxide. In terms of its shape, Carnelian possesses a hexagonal crystal system and comprises of a vitreous luster. Usually, it is reddish-brown in color and is used for enhancing creativity and energy.

A carnelian crystal has several names, like the “Artists Stone,” “Sunset Stone,” and also the “Singers Stone.” It brings in a creative edge to the wearer. Also, the color reminds you of the warm autumn hues that encourage you to let go of all that doesn’t serve you. According to crystal healing experts and others, Carnelian comes with several healing properties. It can heal the soul, mind, and body. You can check online for Gorgeous Designer Carnelian Necklace Styles with Healing Properties.

The healing properties of Carnelian

When you wear the carnelian crystal, you can imbibe multiple healing properties. It helps boost your libido, enables detoxification, and stimulates the organs and tissues. Carnelian also infuses your body with light and life and enhances your physical energy like every fire store. It helps the oxygen in your body flow freely and keeps the organs and tissues flushed with the best health. During ancient times, this stone was considered to bring about fertility benefits for women and men.

Also, people who suffer from rheumatism and have lower back problems can find healing from Carnelian. The stone has its warm vibrations that can seep through and bring healing to the ligaments and bones and enable you to feel much more agile instead of rigid. The crystal also helps get a detoxifying flush for those who find themselves addicted to drugs and alcohol. Overall, it leads to the wonderful well-being of the mind, soul, and body. ‘

The emotional and mental healing properties

For people who require some more flame in their fire, a Carnelian crystal can help you to enhance your personal power. The crystal can help ooze out vitality to those who feel slightly sluggish and lost. The heavy flow of energy will enable you to get back to your feet and set out in the world. You will feel more confident in your creative projects. The crystal gets called as the “Artist’s stone” for this reason. When you wear the carnelian necklace, you might get inspired to paint, dance, write and sing. It lets it happen by allowing energy to flow, stimulating the heat and warmth, making the limbs agile, and welcoming you to embrace the inner child.

Have you been holding on to anger or any old memories that don’t serve you anymore? If yes, this stone will help you let go of this residual energy. As you enable your creative energies to flow, it provides you with fresh new energy and enables you to stay motivated.

That is not all! Back in ancient times, this stone was considered to work like a magic charm for those who found it challenging to voice their thoughts. If you happen to be a timid speaker, this stone will enable you to speak better and without inhibitions. The moment one is able to tune into one’s voice, the soul follows. Hence, you always have the option of wearing a carnelian chain or pendant if you think you face trouble in voicing your truth. It will help you elevate your confidence and allow you to voice up your reality.

The metaphysical properties of Carnelian

This crystal is connected with our lower chakras, and it also helps to bring to life our warrior spirit. Carnelian gets connected with the three lower chakras like several orange healing stones. Our root chakra forms the base of all chakras. This chakra houses our security and grounds us as well. In case our root chakra gets blocked, you might feel that life is completely off-balanced. You will also think that you are residing on edge and have constant insecurity. And when your root chakra gets activated, you are in balance, and you don’t feel the pangs of insecurity.

After the root chakra comes the sacral chakra, where we have our passion and intimacy elements. In case you have a blocked sacral chakra, you will miss out on the joy in life. The carnelian crystal enables you to invoke the zest for life, allowing the energy to flow from the ground to your naval. Solar Plexus is another chakra that gets connected to the Carnelian. It’s the place of our personal burns. It holds our self-esteem and houses the inner warrior spirit. If you feel that you give up on life easily, then the carnelian crystal jewelry will allow you to connect with your warrior spirit and take on challenges life throws on you without the fear of succumbing.

The types of carnelian necklace to opt-in for

So, have you decided to give the carnelian necklace a go? If yes, then today, you will come across several types of necklace types. Some of the popular ones are discussed below:

1. The Sautoir necklace

The term “Sautoir” indicates a long necklace that suspends to the bust region as an ornamental pendant or tassel. The necklace gained prominence in the 20th century at the time of the Art Deco movement. Earlier, people used twisted ropes and pearls to make this necklace. Today, they use crystals like Carnelian and others to design this neckpiece. Some women also wear this necklace as an amulet.

2. The pendant

If you are someone who has a minimalist dressing style, nothing is better than having a carnelian crystal pendant. Here you can select a raw crystal piece or a radiated one from a store and place it on a gold or rose gold chain. You can also use silver if you want. This carnelian pendant can complement your casual and formal attires. If you want, you can also use the pendant for your daily wear. Pair it with loose jeans and a cotton top, and wear your casual flip-flops. Make sure that the carnelian pendant is visible, as that will add to your style and personality.

3. The beaded necklace

There is great simplicity in a beaded necklace. And today, you will come across a carnelian necklace that looks like a beaded neckpiece. The tiny carnelian crystals are arranged in a bead formation, forming a slim chain around your neck. You can choose the length that you want. You can allow the beaded necklace to assume the form of a choker or can customize it to a pendant length based on your preference.

4. Torque necklace

Today, you can give way to a medieval fashion by opting in for this distinctive carnelian necklace. It gets crafted from various strands or metal strands that get twisted. In the majority of the situations, they come with a front opening and zero clasps. There are also examples of such a necklace with side and back fissures. The solid neckpiece is generally worn very close to the skin, and it comes in a spherical shape. Since the necklace appears new-age, it can blend with almost any outfit.

5. Statement necklace

If you are someone who has a bold choice in jewelry, you can opt-in for a statement carnelian necklace. It will make you stand apart from the crowd and steal glances from everyone around. It will enable you to flaunt your eccentric style and steely persona. And you always have the option of pairing the necklace with matching garments that will make you the central point of attraction at an event or party.

6. Twisted necklace

Do you want to have a carefree and casual vibe? If yes, you can do this with the twisted carnelian necklace that appears stunning when you pair it with a straw hat and summer dress. And as the name symbolizes, the necklace includes wire-like strands and tiny beads that get twisted together for developing a very flattering look. The twisted necklace can come in multiple length choices, and it can appear charming by hanging from the tip.

A carnelian stone is a popular choice when it comes to carving out necklaces and other jewelry for women. Today, you also can customize the necklace based on your style preferences. However, you need to make sure that you get a high-end carnelian from a reputed jewelry store, experience the healing benefits of the stone, and style it as you want to.