5 Fun Facts About CBD You Probably Don’t Know

Fun facts about CBD

Fun Facts About CBD: So, you are planning to start CBD for the first time?

It is going to be fun, trust us!

There is no harm in being a little nervous. I think we were all a little nervous when we tried any cannabis product for the first time.

There are so many hemp rolls, vapes, and even delta 8 gummies for sleep.

However, anything with CBD is the safest of them all.

Therefore, if you want to know more about CBD, then keep reading.

In this excerpt below, we will not only be explaining what CBD is but some of the fun facts about CBD that you should know.

What Is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the 140 components that one can extract from the cannabis plant.

CBD is extracted from the flower, and it consists of 40% of the plant.

CBD has properties that can react with the cannabinoid receptors and boost the other happy chemicals in the neurotransmitters.

This is why it is known to be given to patients who have trouble relaxing.

Fun Facts About CBD

These are some of the fun facts about CBD oil.

1. CBD Has Antidepressant Properties

CBD is known for reacting with the Cannabidiol 1 and Cannabidiol 2 receptors. Plus, it is not able to directly increase the amount of serotonin or dopamine level, but it can help you boost the effect of the amount that is already present.

They can also help in relaxing the nerves and relieving you from sudden anxiety.

2. FDA Approves CBD For Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a form of seizure that is a chronic health problem. There are two types of epilepsies.

After a lot of studies and experimentation, it has been clinically proven that someone with epilepsy can benefit from CBD consumption.

3. CBD Is Actually Safe

No, CBD is not intoxicating, and CBD will never be able to get you so high that you get dependent on it.

This is because CBD is not something that has THC, the THC is generally extracted from the satvia of the cannabis plant, and it has psychedelic properties.

Note that THC is unsafe, but it is something that will make you high.

4. The Efficiency Depends On The Concentration

The efficiency of the CBD depends on the concentration of CBD in the product. CBD oil generally has less concentration than the CBD tincture, The desired level of CBD is like 500gm to 1000gm.

5. You Can Take CBD With Alcohol 

Yes, you can add CBD to your cocktails. This is known to help each other’s effects, plus it will take away most of the aggressiveness of alcohol and make you more relaxed. Plus, they can decrease the concentration of alcohol in the blood as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

CBD is fun when you know everything about it and know exactly how to use it. If you are a novice with the entire CND matter, then we are bringing you some of the frequently asked questions which could add to the fun.

These questions are mostly asked by people who have either been suffering from a mental health condition or have heard that CBD helps.

Or, they are just curious about the different components of a cannabis plant and experiencing the chemicals in the neurotransmitters that it is supposed to boost.

Here is some of the expert advice on these questions.

1. Will I Get Addicted To CBD If I Consume It Everyday?

Ans. Yes, there is a possibility for you to get addicted. However, you wouldn’t directly get addicted to CBD.

Your addiction will be all about the component called THC. Now, if your CBD is infused with THC, you will start feeling slight psychedelia which is beyond the normal relaxation of CBD.

Hence, CBD is not addictive as long you do not take it with THC.

2. Can CBD Make Me Hungry?

Ans. You are super hungry when you are high!

This is something we have heard from everyone who has indulged themselves in some form of cannabis. However, CBD on its own won’t make you hungry. However, it can increase your appetite by decreasing other stomach issues.

Some of these stomach issues are extreme nausea or an upset stomach due to indigestion. So, in a way, it psychologically makes you more hungry as there is nothing obstructing your hunger now.