What is Social Makeup and How to do?

What is Social Makeup and How to do?

Social Makeup is making makeup to fit the particular event or occasion to which we must attend.

For this, the professional makeup artist is in charge of highlighting the beauty and enhancing the most flattering features of the user, and adapting them to create the perfect balance with the style they have chosen and the event they will attend. And as Carmen Cazcarra, the founder and director of Cazcarra Image Group, says, “all faces have details and characteristics that can be overcom to bring them closer to an ideal of beauty.”

With social makeup,  one seeks from the minute one applies the appropriate products according to the type and characteristics of the client’s face. The first and foremost thing will be to carry out a morphological study of the face, eyes, eyebrows, and lips that allows us to know the corrections that we will have to make so that the client looks perfect.

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How do you do Social Makeup?

For the Preparation of the Face

Wensum Flash Effect

This serum creates an immediate tightening effect. Spread the preparer all over the face, trying to favor upward movements—covers neck and neckline. Use a background brush like PB-31 from TEN IMAGE to make the product profitable.

Matt primer

A matte primer is used to avoid overly shiny skin. It is significantly affecting the T zone (forehead, bridge of nose, and chin).

Lip primer

The preparation of the lip is essential to achieve a smooth, unwrinkled surface. The application of Lip primer also increases the subsequent fixation of the product.

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To Correct Blemishes

Cream concealers

Correct the area of ​​dark circles to counteract the possible purplish tone with a yellow tonality corrector. Neutralizes the eyelid tone with a ginger tone and part of a unified style that does not alter the applied colors afterward. Corrects fine lines and the corners of the lips with porcelain or green shade.

Fixing powder

Ideal for fixing concealer. It will be applied with light pressure so that it adheres to the skin. Ensure that the crease area is not marked in the mobile eyelid size due to excess product.

To Unify and Illuminate the Face

Makeup background

Work with two different undertones. The areas of weak point with a lighter tone are the ones you apply first (center of the face and volume on the cheekbone)—the rest with a darker tone. Also, use background on the eyelid to equalize the technique and on the lip if necessary to make corrections of symmetries.

Fluid concealer

Use it around the eye area and to further highlight the volume on the cheekbone. Use a shade lighter than skin. Also, apply it to the subsidiary arch.


Apply Spring Touch – BakedHighlighter to light spots ( browbone, cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow, and tear duct) using the PB-17 brush to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Translucent powder

Ensure a better fixation of makeup by applying translucent powder. It insists above all on the T zone.

For the Look

Eye primer

Apply eye primer with the brush and blend it onto the eyelid with your fingertips. Preferably perform a click (no dragging). Follow professional eye makeup techniques.

Palette of shades

Get a palette of matte and satin shadows in earth tones, pink, and wine that allow you to naturally reinforce the points of light and mark the eye socket.

Long-Lasting Eyeliner

Use an emollient, creamy, and easy to apply eyeliner that ensures an excellent permanence of the eyeliner throughout the day.

Eyebrow design

Draw strokes accompanying the direction of the hair. Don’t start at the beginning of the eyebrow. Using the spiral end, comb through the applied product to define the shape.

Fix & Design

To ensure the result, use Fix & Design, a transparent product that fixes the brows, creating invisible protection that lasts all day.

Perfect lips

Choose a long-lasting, light-textured, high-coverage lipstick with either a matte or gloss finish. Typically, it is usually a neutral tone, which raises the style of the lip a little, but is not very striking.

Blend-Blush blush

Download the product on the cheekbone, from back to front, and blend it. Don’t apply too much for a more natural finish.

Completion of makeup

Beauty water

Fix the makeup to keep it during the whole event with the beautiful water; it brings luminosity and tightens the skin. Create a light layer that prevents the look from smearing.

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