These are the Reasons Why you should not Diet

These are the Reasons why you should Not Diet

Every year we always start it with the same purpose: “this year I will do the diet.” And it only takes a couple of weeks for us to give up.

That is why we put together the best reasons not for you to give up on diet but for you to be more aware of your diet, your self-love and, above all, to rethink your day-to-day purposes.

You Obsess Over Your Physical Appearance

Say goodbye to diet to accept yourself as you are. Those pounds that you think you have left over can be that difference that makes you look more charming. Accepting ourselves as we are is the way not to torture ourselves or punish ourselves with everything we do, with what we eat or how many times a day we do it and why. Every day look at yourself in the mirror and praise yourself.

Frustration And Guilt Appear

Not getting the results you envision can lead to guilt and frustration. Guilt will change your mood, making you more irritable and not enjoying everything you eat, and frustration can cause episodes of deep sadness or depression. Do you need this in your daily life? NOT!

You Can Change Your Metabolism Or Damage Some Systems Or Organs Of Your Body

By not eating certain foods such as sugar or carbohydrates, you will not have calories to burn and your metabolism will slow down. If you stop eating certain things vital to organs such as pancreas, stomach, liver, kidneys or even skin, you will see the consequences that can even lose hair.

It Will Become Torture To Eat

If you go out to have with your friends or if you eat at home it seems that it will never be enough. You will not feel comfortable with anything you are eating and you will end up having a hard time. Don’t you think it’s more fun when you enjoy everything you eat?

You Only Live Once

Surely you have heard friends who live their whole lives on an eternal diet , never get results and only torture themselves with what they eat. If you live more comfortably all the experiences of your life and eat (always in moderation) we assure you that you will live happier.

If you want to burn a some extra pounds for your health, and also, get advice from an expert who will recommend which diet you should follow according to your body.

Do Exercise

The healthiest way to burn fat, speed up your metabolism, and keep your body at 100% is by exercising daily. However, Start by walking 30 minutes and you will notice the difference as you discover the perfect type of exercise for you.