How Long Does Nail Polish take to Dry? – Tips for quick drying of the Nail Polish

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How Long does Nail Polish take to Dry?

How long does Nail Polish take to Dry is a query of impatience and intolerance that one feels while waiting for the enamel to dry?

It takes 20-60 minutes for the polish to dry thoroughly on the nails.

If you want to speed up the time, you can apply quick-drying nail polish in thin layers and use a fixing spray.

Also, you can try to use the hairdryer, the kitchen spray, or ice water.

Ensure you like to change your nail polish frequently, and that’s why you focus on a “do-it-yourself” manicure rather than semi-permanent or gel nails?

Therefore, you will know the feeling of impatience mixed with intolerance that one feels while waiting for the enamel to dry.

Sometimes, when in addition to several coats, a touch of topcoat is also handling. The task becomes complicated since
More than half an hour passes before returning to regular chores without ruining the perfect manicure.

However, there are tricks to speed everything up and find yourself with manicured and flawless nails in a few minutes.

Let the Nail Polish Dry Faster – Dry with Cold Water

Anyone who likes to paint their nails knows the problem: depending on the paint, the drying time can be up to 20 minutes.

If you are not patient enough and stumble upon it with your freshly painted nail, you can start over or accept a quirk. Both annoying!

By the way, blowing or breathing on your nails isn’t a good idea – because that’s what you can see in the video above.

Even setting a hairdryer cold, drying it with a fan, or shaking your hands will usually only work to a partial
Extent as the air causes ripples on the paint.

Fortunately, some tricks go beyond blowing and make the polish on our nails dry faster.

The best tricks on how to paint your nails to make them look perfect later on.

Tips for Quick Drying of the Nail Polish to Follow when you are Short on Time

1. Spread thin layers of nail polish

On the one hand, using skinny layers of nail polish makes the manicure last a few days.

On the other hand, exemplary results are attaining in terms of time.

2. Fan with Cold Air

A hairdryer can quickly dry the enamel as long as it is usual in cold air.

It is necessary to keep it at a distance of 15-20 centimeters to avoid spoiling the manicure.

Alternatively, you can also use the special electric enamel dryers.

3. Oil and Butter

Oil and butter are not only products to use in the kitchen; they are also effective when you want to boast a
Flawless manicures: here’s how to use them.

Spray on nails – spray the nails’ oil and butter mix to dry the nail polish quickly.

A few drops are enough to affect the topcoat both in terms of shine and quick drying.

Let it sit for a few minutes – must leave the mixture for a few minutes before rinsing everything under running water.

At the end of this operation, not only will the manicure be flawless, but the skin well nourishes, the cuticles softened, the nails strengthened.

4. Water and Ice

The enamel dries much better in contact with low temperatures, so you can try to “cool” it with cold water or ice in this way:

Before starting the manicure, it would be good to fill a bowl with some ice cubes, perhaps keeping it in the fridge until you have finished “the work.”

Once you have finished applying the nail polish, you have to dip your hands into the bowl full of ice, being
Careful not to bump against it with your nails.

Two minutes are enough to obtain an optimal result.

5. Use a top coat

The topcoat could prove to be “a double-edged sword” to make the enamel layer dried double.

To make it dry quickly, however, there is a trick: choose a quick-drying variant.

Within 2 minutes, it gives an incredible shine to your manicure.

And, as if that were not enough, it also accelerates the drying process of the “traditional” nail polish.

6. Choose a Quick-Drying Product

Many types of enamels are present in the market, from the bright to matt, up to the super-resistant ones.

Those who consume little time to dedicate to manicure would do well to choose a quick-drying products.

It usually gives a ceramic-like finish, so it is a little less shiny than the “traditional” ones, but it will allow
You to boast a flawless manicure in a few minutes.

7. Use a Fixator

Many brands also offer a nail polish fixer, or a fixing polish, usually sold in spray form or with a special

Just put it on the nail to get a speedy drying. It contains silicones capable of creating an invisible layer that fixes the paint, extending its life.