6 Ways to Eat and Drink for Healthier Skin

6 Ways to Eat and Drink for Healthier Skin

Healthier Skin : The best skincare doesn’t always come in jars. You can treat dullness, flaking, and the first signs of aging by choosing the right foods and drinks.

It seems like every day; there is a new magical skincare product that promises to remove all wrinkles and make skin glow like the sun. While the cosmetics department is often the first place we turn for healthier skin, there is a natural (and usually cheaper) option to consider first: food.

Our diet has a lot to do with the health of our skin, says Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. He says that the nutrients, minerals, and proteins found in food support the production of collagen and healthy cell membranes and protect the skin from harmful stressors, such as UV exposure.

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Eat delicate Fats like Nuts, Seeds, and Avocados.

Not all fats are bad. Omega-3 fatty acids are samples of healthy fats and are especially important for those who want to stop fine lines and wrinkles. “Omega-3 fatty acids decrease inflammation that can lead to wrinkles and prevent collagen breakdown”. Good sources of these fats suggested by the National Institutes of Health include walnuts and flax seeds.

Choose Lean and fat-free Protein Healthier Skin

Besides fish, eggs, chicken, and turkey breast, one of the best protein sources is lean red meat, says Jessica Wu, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and author of Feed you care.

Red meat comprises the amino acids glycine and proline, as previous research has shown. According to a study published in January 2018 in Aminoacids, these are components involved in collagen synthesis.

Include Antioxidant-Rich Powerhouses

Fruits and vegetables contain the constructing chunks for soft, smooth. “Aid cell renewal and help cells stay firm with skin. Water”.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, antioxidants are molecules that help prevent cell damage by neutralizing so-called free radicals, which are harmful by-products for tissue cells.

Drink (water, that is) for Healthier Skin

Water is virtuous for your skin, but you don’t need to overdo it. The goal is to avoid dehydration. (Hint: if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.) “If you’re dehydrated,” explains Wu, “your skin and mucous membranes will dry out, crack, and wrinkle.”

Water intake varies based on age, gender, and other factors such as pregnancy. Still, in general, the water recommendations from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine suggest 15 cups of water per day for men 19 and older. And 11 cups a day for women of the same age group.

Stay away from Processed Sugars and Carbohydrates

Your sweet tooth can sour your skin. Sugar and refined carbohydrates, such as soda, white bread, and cakes, can contribute to premature wrinkles and skin aging, according to periodical Clinics in Dermatology.

“Consuming large amounts of sugar and superior carbohydrates can directly damage the elasticity of the skin because these foods trigger inflammation and contribute to the breakdown of collagen and elastic fibers,” says Murad. Once sugars and carbohydrates enter the body, they convert to glucose, which binds to healthy proteins and interferes with collagen and elastin production, leading to less firm and resilient skin, the previous study notes.

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