Tips for Stopping Garments from Color Bleeding and Fading

Stopping Garments from Color Bleeding and Fading

Clothes bleed and fade when dyes are released when washed. It is a challenge not only for the garment owner but to the clothing manufacturer as well. Some clothes are overly dyed to look amazing in the store. However, the dyes are not well-set or the manufacturer used a low-quality dye type.

That’s why some dyes transfer color when they are rubbed against each other or even when the fabric gets wet. If you want peace of mind when washing your clothes, it is important to know about colorfastness.

Here are the methods to help you prevent color bleeding and fading.

Methods in Preventing Color Bleeding and Fading

Sometimes, we purchase cute colored garments because it does not only make you feel comfortable but refreshed when dressed up. Delighted with its perfect combination, right?

However, we sometimes feel that the colors of these garments may not last long. Luckily, there are several options you can choose to prevent your favorite clothes from having color fading.

Before you bring your laundry to the nearest laundry service, we have to share this series of tips when doing a wash day.

Lock Colors for Good

There are a few methods of keeping the original colors of your garments last longer. Wash without any worries when washing. Start by checking the wash label of your clothes. If it says “wash separately” or other warnings, the clothes may not have a strong colorfastness. But, if there are no mentions, the garment is most likely colorfast.

Use these tips to reduce color fading and bleeding.

  1. Always separate clothes before washing them. Sort them by colors; light, pastel, and dark-colored ones. Wash the similar colors together so if there is color bleeding, it will not discolor any clothes.
  2. Turn clothes inside-out. Aside from helping clean the dirtiest part of your clothes, it reduces friction that causes the color to fade on the outside.
  3. Do not wash heavy fabrics together with delicate ones. Laundry them separately. Do not forget to zip all zippers to prevent pricking other clothes.
  4. Wash clothes in cold water. It keeps fibers closed and traps the dye inside. Warm water opens the fiber and sets the dye-free resulting in color bleeding. Several sustainable laundry detergents work well in any water temperature; choose the best kind. Moreover, using cold water saves a lot of money.
  5. Laundry with a gentle setting or permanent press is more friendly than regular cycles.
  6. Do not overfill the washer. Overloading the washer leads to an unsatisfactory cleaning result and produces more friction.
  7. Use color-catcher sheets. It traps extraneous dyes during the wash cycle to prevent color bleeding.
  8. Do not overexpose clothes when line drying. Remove clothes as soon as they are dry.

Certainly, these methods are not only used by home launderers but also by experts in the laundry delivery service. Although clothes stop releasing dye after a few washes, it is still best to continue these tips to minimize color fading and bleeding.