How To Choose The Perfect Diamond Color For Your Jewelry?

Diamond color

Diamond Color: Buying the right diamond is a big deal. With countless variety available, not just any diamond stone will work. Whether you need a diamond for your engagement ring, a pendant set or even multiple diamonds for your favorite jewelry piece, it is quite important to know what you are getting. This little gem will be a special part of your life or the life of someone you love for many years to come and if you play your cards right, a quality diamond can become your lifelong treasure.

GS Diamonds Brisbane explains that diamonds are graded on a spectrum: D-F diamonds are considered colorless; G-L diamonds are near colorless, and diamonds classed M-Z have traces of color.

Unless you have the proper tools, and the professional training about diamonds, it will be very difficult to differentiate diamond stones based on their colors. But the difference in diamond color makes a huge difference in the cost of a diamond. Here are some tips on how to choose the right diamond color.

Pick According to Your Band Color

If your engagement or wedding ring, earring or pendant set will be made in yellow, white or rose gold design, then the color of your diamond stone will be less important. J-K colored diamond are   hard to notice when set in any of the above mentioned gold settings.

The general rule applied here is, if it is set in a yellow colored gold or a rose gold settings band, the color will not be visible, therefore you can opt other affordable diamond color stones.

If you are picking a white gold or platinum band, the color of your diamond will be far more visible. It is better to go with the more colorless end of the spectrum when picking your diamond color.


Consider Color of Your Accent Stones

To ensure that your diamond looks as white or colorless as possible, make sure to choose side stones that are the same or lower in color than the center diamond. For instance, if your middle diamond is H color, then your side diamonds should be H, I, or J color.

Choosing side diamonds that are significantly higher in color could make the center diamond appear more yellow. A color difference between F and H which is visible when the diamonds are loose but is not noticeable when the diamonds are set in rings.

That is why, it is usually recommended a G or an H colored diamond and better clarity to get the best value for your money. If you are not planning on selling your diamond jewelry in the future with the hopes of earning money, then you don’t need to worry too much about the diamond color grading. G to H color grade diamonds look almost colorless, and will not cost as much as the colorless graded diamonds.

Choose According to Your Ring Setting Design

Another point to consider is the kind of setting you are buying. A ring with a halo setting would generally show the color of the diamond more since there are more gold and diamonds around it. On the other hand, a solitaire ring shows more clarity than a diamond stone.

If you are looking to choose a more budget-friendly engagement ring, pick a solitaire diamond engagement ring. But if you want an engagement ring with a halo design or diamond accents, then it is better to choose a diamond with less color.

If you are looking for the perfect diamond to buy as an investment, you should seek to buy a completely colorless diamond. The colorless diamond is considered as the most valuable according to its color. You will find three grades in colorless category: D, E, and F.

ring setting design

Even for a professional diamond grader, determining between the three grades is very difficult. You can simply invest in either three category to ensure a safe and good value investment in your hands.

Most diamond engagement ring designs are set with a diamond that has a color grade of either G, H, or I. These diamond colors give the best value for shoppers. It is virtually impossible to see traces of color in these diamonds, particularly if they are mounted on the wedding band. They look nearly the same as a colorless diamond but are significantly more affordable.

You have probably noticed yellow colored, pink or brown colored diamonds on engagement rings earlier. Diamonds that are light yellow, pink, or light brown in color are very fashionable and when set in the right type of mounting becomes highly visible diamonds and improve beauty.

Generally, brown and yellow colored diamonds are considered as fancy diamonds and are also expensive. If you want to experience same thing and appearance, then you should go with the white diamond with a low color grade. These white colored diamonds are less expensive as they do not fall into the fancy diamonds category, but looks good in appearance as the rare fancy colored diamonds.

Diamond Fluorescence Effect

Almost all quality diamonds have fluorescence effect which causes them to glow when they are exposed to ultraviolet radiation. If you want a white stone on a budget, it is time you got to know fluorescence. Although there is a persistent rumor going around that fluorescence is always bad, the truth is that it very rarely affects the sparkle of the stone. The fact is, fluorescence effect makes lower color grades diamonds appear one grade whiter than actual.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right diamond color can affect the overall value of your jewelry. When you are looking for diamonds to buy, the diamond color is one aspect of the buying process that you should not ignore. Color will also affect how multiple diamonds look when grouped together; grouping diamonds of different color grades provides an exceptional look.

Diamonds can vary in price based on their color, meaning that picking the right color for your specific jewelry needs could help you save a lot of money without affecting the appearance of your jewelry.