Different Types of Facial Serum

types of facial serum

Different Types of Facial Serum – Simply put, Dale describes serums as a “medicine” for your skin. “Each has its way of breaking down power,” says Dr. Julius Fio, a plastic surgeon and founder of the Few Institute in Chicago and Los Angeles. “Serums deliver more concentrated versions of the active ingredients to the skin.” “The purpose of this active ingredient can be from hydrating to lightening the skin to reducing wrinkles.” The good, concentrated formula of a serum allows it to treat skin problems more purposefully other products daily. “Serums can improve the appearance and feel of the skin with just a small amount,” says Dr. Mona Gohara, MD, Assistant Clinical Dermatologist at Yale School of Medicine. . ”

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Some Different Types of Facial Serum are Here:

Moisturizing Serums

“Hydration is crucial to healthy skin, no matter what your skin type or condition,” says Dale. “Our bodies need water, but since our skin is the last organ to experience the benefits of drinking water, we need to use it topically.” Dr. Gohara points out that by the time we reach 40, we lose our moisture, and this is a simple step that can make a significant difference in the skin. “Because of the ability of serums to penetrate the skin and hydrate to a deeper level. They often provide more effective hydration than some of the richer layered creams,” he says. Winky Lux Clean Orchid Jelly Serum is based on orchid extract for intense hydration, Sacred Nature Youth Serum from synthetic hyaluronic acid for tamarind (a plant option), and Chaga Charging Drop by SerumKind for deep hydration, injects Siberian Chaga fungus. Slowly

Night Serums

Your skin does its most important job at rest, which means that night serums can help you during your busiest hours. “Night skin is produced, so when the proverbial factory is open, it ‘s time to use assets that increase collagen and scavenge free radicals,” says Dr. Gohara. “Restful sleep means restful sleep.” She loves Serm Midnight Renewal Omorovicza because of its stellar compounds such as retinol to make collagen and small algae to reduce inflammation. With its innovative water-oil texture, McLeod-Valentine recommends Chanel because of “a complex cocktail that delivers effective collagen-stimulating substances to the skin using stem cell technology.”

Safe Serums for Pregnancy

Even with innovations in non-pregnancy serums, experts agree that you should always consult your doctor before starting any new product. “As mentioned, vitamin C and other antioxidants and peptides are what you should look for when buying pregnancy serum,” says Dr. Gohara, who generally recommends avoiding retinoids and beta-hydroxy acids. . ” McLeod-Valentine also suggests checking out the list of ingredients for your current trend. True Botanicals contains Chabula in its new serum, a powerful Ayurvedic antioxidant, to address several issues, including fine lines, skin tone, roughness, tightening, and lightening. It is also Made Safe; in other words, it has no toxic chemicals and no endocrine disorders.

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