How To Get Thicker Lashes With Mascara

How To Get Thicker Lashes With Mascara

Are you looking for the best method to curl your eyelashes, so they appear more beautiful and long? The trick is to achieve thicker lashes using Mascara. A small amount of Mascara can draw the attention of your eyes and cause them to sparkle! Therefore, you should have quality mascara and be aware of basic techniques. Learn more about how you can get longer, thicker eyelashes using Mascara.

In the beginning, you must buy Mascara, which comes with a wand that is specifically designed to provide more lashes!

There’s been a shift with regard to mascara tools. Certain of them are designed to give you longer and thicker lashes without much effort. The first step in creating thicker lashes using Mascara is to buy Mascara which has a right wand to give volume to your lashes. Make sure you choose Precision tip expandable brushes, curved spheres, and corkscrew bristle wands.

Always ensure that you curl your lashes prior to applying Mascara. This simple step instantly increases the size and thickness of the lash line. It allows you to apply your Mascara more precisely, and improved application results in more effective outcomes. Simply clamp your eyelashes using your preferred curler, then hold for 2 seconds.

Application of Mascara:

Now that we’ve prepared our lashes correctly and have Mascara with an expanding wand, let’s examine how you can apply Mascara.

  • Find an old card from a visiting card and put it on your eyelashes.
  • Apply Mascara to your eyelashes, starting at the roots and moving to the edges.
  • To separate your lashes, use a wand that you can wiggle while you work towards the ends of the lashes. This will prevent your Mascara from clumping and create lashes that appear larger and denser. When applying your Mascara, you should move the wand, you should blink. This will ensure that even the tiniest lashes will be filled with Mascara.
  • Another method of application that makes your lashes appear longer and thicker is applying Mascara on your lower line of lashes, too. It assists in drawing the lashes out and, as a result, makes them appear larger and more full.

Layering Mascara to increase thickness:

This simple action can help to make your lashes appear thicker. It is possible to apply layers of Mascara according to the thickness you wish your lashes to appear. The trick is to allow the first coat of Mascara completely dry before applying an additional layer over it. It is essential to allow your Mascara to dry for about a time between layers to ensure there isn’t any getting the Mascara clumped up.

It is also possible to achieve lashes that look flirty by using a translucent makeup powder. After you’ve applied one or two coats of Mascara, apply small amounts of powder with the makeup brush. Apply additional Mascara over the powder. This will give a fuller appearance to your eyelashes.


This technique employs two different colors of Mascara (say brown and black) to make your lashes appear thicker and larger. Apply the brown Mascara first and allow it to dry. Once the brown Mascara has dried, place the black Mascara at the tips of your lashes. This creates the illusion of thicker and longer lashes.

Mascara isn’t a way to increase the length of your lashes, but it can create an impressive illusion. A number of layers of this amazing cosmetic product can highlight your eyes and provide you with the desired, captivating appearance that draws attention and draws admiring glances. Follow these steps frequently to master how to apply Mascara in a manner that complements your eye makeup. When you’re confident in your application, ensure you make eye contact that is confident and makes an unforgettable impression on the people in your vicinity. Have fun!