Top 3 most popular cosmetic treatments of 2022

cosmetic treatments

It should come as no surprise that non surgical cosmetic treatments are still booming in popularity in 2022. Whilst there are some treatments more popular than ever, botox and fillers have never been so widely used. This has led to a decrease in the stigma attached to these treatments as more and more celebrities and influencers open up about work that they have had done. In this article we are going to explore the 3 most popular non surgical cosmetic treatment trends of 2022.

1. Botox brow lift

One of the latest non surgical cosmetic trends is the botox brow lift. Although this treatment has been around a while, this year it has really taken off. This treatment involves injecting botox into specific areas such as the muscles between the eyebrows which helps to smooth out frown lines, the strategic placement of botox helps to create a raised eyebrow arch. The aim of this treatment is to achieve a ‘snatched’ appearance giving a high brow look that gives the patient a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

2. Jawline definition filler

Another treatment that continues to grow in popularity is jawline enhancement which uses filler to contour and define the jawline creating a more balanced face shape. These dermal filler injections work by lifting and filling out the skin which helps with volume loss whilst creating a contoured looking jawline. In women it is generally used to create a V-shape face and feminine side profile. Amongst men it tends to involve defining the chin and enhancing cheeks to create a chiselled macsuline look.

3 . Lip filler

Coming in at first place as the most popular non invasive cosmetic treatment is lip filler. This treatment, as its name suggests, involves injecting filler into the lips to give them more volume. Not only can it make lips bigger, it can achieve the perfect point by enhancing and altering the lip shape. This treatment is particularly popular amongst the younger generation (18-30 year olds).

Are these treatments permanent?

None of these treatments are permanent, this is because overtime the body breaks down botox and filler naturally. To maintain your desired appearance it is important to have filler and botox top ups when they are due.

Where to get non surgical cosmetic treatments

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