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Mascara Write for Us

Mascara Write for Us

What Does Mascara Do?

Mascaras remain pigmented preparations for application to the eyelashes to make them look darker and more extended and to make the whites of the eyes look brighter by contrast

How To Use Mascara

If you have straight lashes, curl them first, never after. If you want thicker lashes, consider a lash-building primer. You wish to have delicate lashes, wipe excess product from the brush to avoid clumps. Never pump the wand up and down in the tube; the air will dry it out quicker. Hold the meeting at the root of the lashes and comb to the tip to thicken the lashes. Use a gentle zigzag action if you want to.

Apply multiple coats. Don’t wait for each coat to dry; the mascara will clump when you finish the last coat blow upwards to dry and seal. If you want a doll-like effect, gently press the brush vertically against the lower lashes and softly sweep backward and forwards to clean up any mistakes with a cotton bud

There Are Two Primary Choices:

No-water recipes are waterproof and less likely to smudge or flake. But they can be difficult to remove, and emulsions are easier on lashes but may flake or smudge.

In the 1930s, lash darkeners contained scary ingredients such as turpentine, lead-containing kohl, and aniline, a hair-dye component that left more than one woman blind. Now regulations strictly limit the elements to those safe to apply in the eye area, but you should be looking for thimerosal. This preservative can cause conjunctivitis and eyelid dermatitis (a rash). Thimerosal stands still used in some mascaras.

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