How To Treat Sunburned Skin – Care and Prevention

How To Treat Sunburned Skin - Care and Prevention

Sunburned Skin – When we do not pay attention and we burn our skin unevenly and we have marks of clothing, we do not feel comfortable. So we may think that lightening sunburned skin may be the solution.

However, even when sunburn is not aesthetically pleasing, the most important thing is not to clarify it but to try to hydrate it and take care of it in the best possible way. Only in this way can we be able to relieve redness and even out the tone.

In case we have doubts about how to take care of the skin in these circumstances or other related issues, we can always consult with the dermatologist.

More than lightening, Caring for Sunburned Skin

By applying sunscreen daily and retouching it whenever necessary, we can greatly prevent sunburn and, also, remain with an uneven skin tone. Especially in the summertime, when we all want to show off an attractive tan.

Now, if we already have an uneven tone, we should not abandon the application of sunscreen. Rather, we must take care of this, even more, to avoid burning ourselves more and accentuating the problem.

In addition to applying enough sunscreen, we must maintain good hydration. This means that we must be aware of applying a good after sun and moisturizing cream. Not only when we feel the most burning, but on a daily basis.

Additionally, we must maintain good internal hydration. This means that we must make sure we drink enough water per day, depending on our thirst, and consume healthy foods (such as fruits) that help us achieve this goal. Some of the most popular options are usually watermelon and cantaloupe, but there are many more that we can choose.

Moisturize the skin with Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is a plant that, according to popular beliefs, we should all have at home to take care of the skin, especially in case of suffering a minor burn or sunburn.

Cutting one of its stalks, opening it in half, extracting the pulp and cleaning it with plenty of water, and then applying the gel on the affected area, can provide relief, as well as hydration.

However, it must be clarified that, for aloe vera to provide good results, we must combine its application with other good habits, such as those already mentioned above. In addition, we must be constant in its application. It will not be worth applying it one day, it will have to be applied regularly.

  • The use of aloe vera as an element to care for the skin is controversial in several cases.
  • Although in general there are those who accept its use in case of thermal burns of degree 1 and 2 , there are others who recommend avoiding its use.
  • Keep in mind that there are people who are allergic to aloe vera, so it is essential to know your skin type well before resorting to this or any other natural element to relieve a discomfort or burn.

Prevention is Key to Avoiding Lightening Sunburned Skin

Despite all these solutions, we want to emphasize the importance of not exposing yourself to the sun unduly . Sometimes it is not enough just to apply sunscreen, but we must answer questions such as: do we replenish it throughout the day or do I use a suitable protection factor for the skin?

Likewise, we cannot forget other elements that protect us from the sun . For example, glasses, wearing a hat, a kind of cool shawl to cover the shoulders … In short, accessories that will avoid sunburned skin.

Sunburned skin not only causes undesirable blemishes, but it also makes us vulnerable to skin cancer. Therefore, protecting yourself is very important. Since we have so many options around us to do so why not use them?

Let’s never go outside without sunscreen. On the beach or in the pool let’s use an umbrella, and let’s not forget sunglasses. Prevention is the best of the remedies.