Make-up and Eyes: Tips for Safe Make-up


Make-up is now part of the daily gestures of many women and the applications of eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadows are performed practically automatically. The fastest are ready in 5 minutes, the most methodical take longer to avoid any imperfections. But behind those careful and precise gestures, there could be hidden, unknowingly, bad habits that in the long run can irritate your eyes. Here are some useful tips for wearing make-up safely, respecting ocular hygiene rules, and following suitable procedures to protect the eye from irritation, injury or damage.

Application of the pencil on the eyelids

Choose a pencil with a lead that is not excessively soft; it must not be pointed but not blunt.

Before each use, it is always good to pass it in a pencil sharpener to eliminate the surface layer that has previously been in contact with the eyes.

Avoid applying a pencil to the conjunctiva (the mucous membrane that covers the eyeball and the inner part of the eyelids) because it can be a source of irritation and cause of conjunctivitis, especially in contact lens wearers.

To put the pencil inside the eyelid line on the lower conjunctiva or not? In these cases, the best answer is to always use kajal or, even better, khol!

The effect that can obtained undoubtedly an oriental-inspired make-up given the custom of Indian or Arab women to apply kajal inside the eye.

Kajal and khol

They are a set of natural plant substances with the addition of antimony sulphide (a mineral use by oriental women since ancient times to color the eyebrows) with a strongly disinfecting effect.
The kajal is a very ancient and rare product. It was always kept in very precious little bottles (they have been found in many Egyptian tombs).

The kajal, the original oriental one, is one that has the dual function of making up and disinfecting.
Kohl is a kind of compressed kajal (in the form of a pencil) that is easier to use. The khol and the kajal can applied both inside and outside the eyelid.
It can also applied to the conjunctival sac of newborns for disinfectant purposes and often for the duration of life in many Arab countries.

Applying mascara (or Rimmel)

At the end of the application, it recommended comb the lashes from Paris Eyelash Academy with a brush. Or a clean brush in their natural direction of growth to eliminate any excess and separate the lashes.

At the end of use, clean the toothbrush regularly and always close the package tightly.

Avoid lengthening or diluting mascara with water or other products, as this could damage the eyes and/or skin! These substances added arbitrarily to a cosmetic preparation are not pure from a microbiological point of view. And the interactions of the new mixture obtain with your skin not known!

Avoid mascara coming into contact with the eye and change the packaging frequently.

Use waterproof mascara especially in summer and in humid environments. So that the product, resisting water, does not cause irritation to the eyes.

Remove eye make-up.

To clean the eyelids, use special disposable wipes (Iridium gauzes), designed for eyelid hygiene based on natural products. Very suitable also for sensitive eyes as they allow a good cleaning with a decongestant and soothing action.