Why Oval Cut Engagement Rings Are The Best Choice

Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval-cut engagement rings are one of a kind. They’re an excellent choice if you’re searching for a unique engagement ring for your lady love and a significant reason to consider them. These rings also aren’t as common as round or princess cut engagement rings, which is why they’re becoming popular these days because of their unique shape and perfect look.

If you’re still undecided whether the oval-cut engagement ring would be the right choice for your lady, look no further. Here’s an article detailing more information on why this ring is a great choice for 2022.

They’re Unique And Traditional

One reason to consider oval cut engagement rings is that these rings aren’t as common as round or princess cut engagement rings. This alone is enough reason why oval diamond engagement rings are a unique choice when it comes to selecting the perfect ring for your special someone. Their beautiful vintage look further enhances their distinct look. You can also get them in a variety of different diamond cuts to further customize them to make them more distinct.

The unique oval cut of these rings brings added brilliance and sparkle. This is because the facets on an oval diamond are long and slender, meaning they add more sparkle and shine than other cuts.

Oval cut ring

They Offer You Greater Value For Money

If you wish to get maximum value for your hard-earned money, buying an oval-cut engagement ring is undoubtedly a great pick. These rings are an excellent choice because they look larger than a round diamond of equal carat weight. Because of this, you can save money by going with the less expensive option. And if you’re on a tight budget but still want to get your lady something elegant, this is music to your ears. With that said, you should always shop by quality first and size second.

The elongated design of oval cut rings makes them a perfect pick if you want to maximize carat size within your budget. This is because these oval-cut engagement rings look bigger than it really is despite being of identical carat weight to a round-cut ring.

They Look Longer And Slimmer

Another advantage of oval cut engagement rings is that they have a longer profile than other shapes, hence capably flatter the fingers. This distinct look of these rings makes you appear as though you have longer and more elegant fingers, even if they’re short. These rings are also ideal because they make long fingers appear slimmer.

Oval rings are a great choice for women with long fingers who want to show off their hands. This is because their oval design makes fingers appear longer, which is possible thanks to the elongated center stone that draws the eye down to the finger.

They’re Smooth 

Oval-cut engagement rings are also recommended for their smooth design, which doesn’t feature any pointy or sharp tips. This is ideal if your lady intends to wear this ring every day because it doesn’t easily get caught on clothing fabric.

With oval-cut engagement rings, you’re sure of improved safety for the center stone from accidentally getting lost. This saves you the trouble of having to search for a replacement and needing to spend more money. In addition, this ring’s oval design ensures there are no sharp points that can ruin your clothing.

They Have An Extreme Sparkle 

The sparkle and shiny nature of diamond rings are usually affected by their cut because it affects how well it reflects light. This is why certain cuts usually come with a subdued brilliance compared to others. And this is the case with oval-cut diamond rings, which make them have an exceptionally sparkling and shiny look.

The Oval Meaning

You should consider getting the oval-cut engagement ring because it has a deeper meaning than romance, love, and commitment to a single relationship. The oval shape of this ring usually means pushing boundaries while still observing and respecting tradition. In addition, it represents individuality and distinctiveness.

Because these rings have an oval shape, they’re also used to symbolize family, fertility, and rebirth. This is a reason to get the oval cut engagement ring if you’re recommitting yourself to a new relationship following a prior breakup, engagement, or marriage.


It’s understandable to be uncertain whether to get your loved one an oval cut engagement ring as they’re quite different from the traditional round cut diamond rings. However, this article has dispelled any fears you might have by outlining why the oval cut engagement ring should be your go-to pick in 2022. This way, you’ll take your relationship to the next step in a unique fashion and give your loved one a ring they’ll cherish forever.