Pink Engagement Rings: Are They In Or Out?

Pink Engagement Rings

Everyone is aware that a colorless diamond will always be a classic, which explains why demand for these sparkling jewels has never decreased. However, despite this assertion, a sizable portion of jewelry lovers prefer a splash of color and choose its colored counterparts.

An ideal example is pink engagement rings from well-known jewelry stores like Astteria, which are in high demand on the market.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious to learn more about these colored gemstones set in rings and to help you decide if they are the best option for you.

Why Pink Engagement Rings Are In Demand?

Pink diamonds are undeniably intriguing. Whether it is about their origin, or the source of their color, or why they are so extremely rare– they are naturally the talk of the town and it’s not surprising given their mysterious and alluring nature.

Specifically, when talking about engagement rings, pink diamonds are one of the most- if not the most, popular choice for couples. This is because this color is associated with love and romance– making it the best way to declare affection to the person most special to you.

Gone are the days when only clear diamond rings were popular. Colored diamond engagement rings are giving them a run for their money as the likes of pink diamonds become even more favored.

How Are Pink Diamond Engagement Rings Different?

It is normal to be curious on what pink engagement rings are and what exactly sets them apart from the typical colorless ones. Let us help you discover how they are so similar yet so very different.

The only visible difference between them and traditional clear diamond rings in terms of the setting is the use of pink diamonds rather than clear ones. The stone can be one intimidating piece set on a ring band, or it can also be tiny pieces that are formed to make the entirety of the band itself. Regardless of the style, pink diamonds are stylish- so feminine and attractive that it’s impossible to keep your eyes off of them.

Although little is said about how pink diamonds attain their specific pink tint, colored diamonds, in general, are a product of an imperfection throughout the crystallization process of the diamond itself. Extremely rare gems are produced when specific particles become stuck and interfere with this process during the complex production of the stone.

Colored diamonds like pink diamonds are created as a result of this technique which are then brought to jewelers to be cut and polished and eventually attached to different jewelry pieces.

An interesting fact about pink diamonds is that they take so much longer to polish compared to clear diamonds. It has been revealed that polishing pink diamonds take three to four times longer than their colorless counterparts, which might also be another reason why they are extremely expensive as polishing is part of the scrupulous process of fully developing pink diamond jewelry pieces.

Final Thoughts

Pink diamonds stand out among the variety of colored diamonds as a distinguished and expensive stone. They are associated with luxury since you will spot them in the hands of the most famous celebrities so owning one will give the appeal of the same type of opulence.

Pink diamond engagement rings can be found online. One quick search would lead you to results of different jewelry houses, such as Astteria, where meticulously-made engagement rings are being offered for the most reasonable of prices.