Six Myths And Facts About Facial Skin Care

Facial Skin Care

Facial Skin Care : When it comes to advise, we all have hundreds to offer: “To keep your skin radiant, this helps you.” “Apply such a thing” … Some say that sleeping a certain amount of hours prevents wrinkles; others claim that washing your face as much as possible will make the fat go away … There is everything. But what should we believe, or what opinions should we trust? Therein lies the dilemma.

The skincare routine today is a trend, but it is key to keep in mind that maintaining healthy skin should be more a matter of health and well-being, than of vanity . If you learn to identify her specific needs, you will not only save money and effort, but you will also avoid falling into tips and recommendations that can harm her without wanting to.

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Here we leave you some myths and facts about their care:

The Routine of Cleaning the Face is the Same for all People and, Requires the Same Products.

Facial Skin Care is a deeply ingrained myth, but after all, a myth . Every day more and more articles appear that promise heaven and earth in terms of protection, moisture and other benefits. And they may not be lying. But at this point it is essential that you find the ones you really need (once you know what type of skin you have, it will be easier), so that you do not take away the nutrients that it is missing, nor do you overdo it.

Drinking Water Ensures That I Don’t Have Blemishes

Stacks! This claim is a myth . While drinking water is important to stay healthy in general, you cannot entirely leave the responsibility of caring for your skin to it. If with liters and liters of water a day you do not see or feel it as you would like, it will be necessary that you go to specific treatments and products.

I Must Wash My Face, Yes Or Yes, In The Morning And At Night

Reality . When you wash your face when you wake up, you remove all the excess fat and sweat accumulated during the night. When you do it before bed, you are saying goodbye to the pollution and dirt of the day. However, doing it excessively and desperately can create the opposite effect: an overproduction of sebaceous glands, that is, more fat. Careful!

Sunscreen Is Only Necessary If The Day Is Sunny Or If I Am Going On A Trip

Lie! This is atotal myth . UVA, or ultra violet rays, are as present in the city as they are on the beach, and they contain the highest amount of sun exposure among their typology. Even if you don’t feel them, they can go through glass and even clothing. Therefore, wherever you are, use the sunscreen that best suits your skin and prevent aging by making it part of your daily routine.

Sleeping A Lot Prevents Expression Lines

As much as we want to believe it … This is also a myth . Sleeping until noon so that the so-called “chicken feet” do not come near us, is not the solution. It is good sleep, even for a shorter period (at least the recommended seven or eight hours of sleep). On the other hand, sleeping less time than required can have harmful effects on your skin.

I shouldn’t Wait until I’m Older to Start Taking Care of Myself

We love this statement, because it couldn’t be more real . Worrying about taking care of your skin at an early age cannot harm it (as long as you avoid excesses). However, the symbols of aging appear at different times and in different ways for each of us, which is why it is crucial that you start early. As they say, it is forever better to be safe than sorry.

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