Tattoos on the Chest: Precautions, Types, and Care

Tattoos on the Chest: Precautions, Types, and Care

Tattoos on the Chest : Not everyone dares to get a tattoo on their chest, and it is a susceptible area that we usually wear more or less exposed. We give you the keys so that you take into account everything you need before getting a tattoo.  And for you to get some design ideas in this part of the body. Do you like the one wearing Rihanna (Photo Genres)? Keep reading!

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What do I need to know before getting a Chest Tattoo?

The chest is one of the areas with the most delicate skin on the entire body. Tattooing in this area is no more dangerous than doing it in any other, but being so close to the bone can be very painful. In addition, we usually wear it very exposed, especially when we wear necklines, so we must take into account if we want our Tattoo to be seen or not and apply sun protection factor. There are numerous kinds of tattoos that can be shabby on the chest, depending on which area you want. We tell you which ones:

Tattoo on the part of the gutter

The ‘canalillo’ is one of the favorite areas for women to wear a unalome. This type of Hindu Tattoo represents the vital path to happiness.

Tattoo on the chest and ‘canalillo.’

The flowers also look lovely in the gutter, especially when the flower is locating above and the stem is right in the middle.

Tattoo on the ‘gutter’ and lower part

On the other hand, in this central and lower area, tattoos like this one, jewel type, are better.

Tattoo on the side of the chest

The sides of the breasts are also the most desirable area to wear a tattoo. Look for one with a suitable shape for this part, such as moons, vines.

Tattoo on the lower chest area

This Rihanna tattoo could not please us more; the wings of the Egyptian goddess adapt perfectly to the anatomy of this part of the body.

Tattoo necklace

The area around the neck is perfect for ornaments like this, which mimic the beauty of an ethnic necklace.

Tattoo in the center and on the clavicles 

This design may be similar to the previous one, but it is not so horizontal but rises to the clavicle area with an added drawing of another element such as scrolls or harps. It should always be symmetrical to make it look pretty.

Tattoo on the center of the chest

Nothing better to show true love than tattooing a name in the center of the chest. More recommended for children’s names than couples.

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