Can Probiotics Prevent or Treat Acne?

Can Probiotics Prevent or Treat Acne?

Acne Treatment/Prevention using Probiotics

Probiotics are living microorganisms that can modify the homeostasis of the body’s microbiomes, especially within the digestive tract. Many different types of probiotics can help with many various symptoms, most of which are GI tract disorders.

Microorganisms in the human skin microbiome help fight pathogens and maintain homeostasis of the skin microbiome. For example, the staphylococcal epidermis ( S. epidermis ) is to aid in the fermentation of glycerol which inhibits the effects of P. acnes. It is accomplished by microorganisms using sugars (glycerol) to create ethanol and short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). Ethanol and SCFAs exhibit antimicrobial effects, which help in the fight against Acne of P.

How Effective are Probiotics for Treating/Preventing Acne?

Probiotics have great potential as treatments for the avoirdupois system. The efficacy of topical and oral it is tested. Both are effective; however, the best option seems to vary depending on the study.

For some individuals, the other treatment methods discussed previously are more effective than probiotic treatments. These findings suggest that the efficacy of probiotic therapy may be affecting by the various expression of Acne between individuals.

Is Healthy Skin Need Balanced Probiotics?

Various studies link the microenvironment and the balance of the skin probiotics with acne breakouts.

A balanced probiotic thanks to certain oral probiotics can be a therapeutic option that serves as an alternative to antibiotics in the treatment of Acne, which is projecting as a natural solution to limit the progressive increase in bacterial resistance. Many studies were in vitro, but more detailed research needs to complete to test true efficacy and safety in these situations.

Taking it by mouth that correspond to a specific genus, species, and strain can create a barrier in the intestine, stimulating the immune system and restoring our probiotics, not only in the digestive tract but also in the skin.

People with acne problems, rosacea, and even atopic dermatitis can experience breakouts and subsequent inflammation due to a change in bacteria. Hence we have a new indication for oral probiotics for the involvement of the “gut-brain – skin axis. “.

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