Why Friends are important in a Person’s Life and How to Win Friends?

friends are important in a person's life

In our society, we see that people emphasize romantic relationships, the one that exists between a boyfriend or a girlfriend. It is said that just finding the right person can make our life better. It can make us happy and fulfilled. But it is not true always. There are many exceptions to it. It is said that friends are even more essential to the psychological or mental welfare of a person. Friends are said to bring more pleasure into the lives of a person. It is more than virtually anything that can bring happiness.  Friends have a huge role in a person’s mental health as well as happiness. The role of good friends is that they can relieve the stress of a person. It also is seen that it provides comfort and joy to all people. It can help a person give up loneliness and isolation as well. When a person develops a close type of friendships they can have a major impact on their physical as well as mental health. Good friends are always supportive and help build people’s health. When a person lacks social connection then there is an advanced risk of smoking and drinking. It can also lead to a simple lifestyle where a person is always bored. Friends are said to stay for a long period. It is said that along with the right type of physical activity, a person at the same time must maintain a good network of friends. This will add significant years to a person’s life.

It was seen that during the lockdown, students found it difficult to maintain friendships. The thing that came as a rescue to them was Mobile Teacher App. A simple search by teachers such as How to teach online, made them connect with thousands of teachers and become friends with them. This helped both the teachers and students as they were able to connect with different types of students.

It is seen that when a person develops and maintains friendships there are multiple advantages as well. It can help improve the mood of a person as well. When a person spends their limited time with happy and positive friends, it is seen that it can make the mood of a person. It can also boost the outlook of a person at the same time. Good friends can help a person reach their goals at the same time. Whether a person is trying to get fit they can do so by being in company with good friends and people. They also give up smoking if they are surrounded by the right kind of friends. Good friends otherwise also can improve a person’s life. It can help in building encouragement. The person can improve their willpower and increase their chances of success with the right amount of friends. Here are some of the other ways, a person can improve their life with the right kind of friends.


A good amount of friends who care for one another can help each other feel happy and better. It also reduces a person’s chance of suffering due to stress and depression. When a person happens to have a good and active social life they can improve their l immune system as well. It can also help a person reduce the chances of isolation. This is said to be a major role factor in depression. But with the right amount of friends, one can easily work upon their depression.

Being there for each other

Good friends are seen to support each other through tough times. It is said that even if having a friend means a person can share their problems with someone, their friends can help them cope up with serious illness and other problems. Good friends help overcome the loss of a job at the same time. If a person has lost their loved one they can share that with their friends. They can also share the breakup of a relationship with their friends to feel better about their life. If there are any other challenges they have, they can easily share that with their friends as well.