What is Beauty – Observation, Natural and Artificial Beauty

What is Beauty – Observation, Natural and Artificial Beauty

[Beauty] is the attribute that we recognize in beauty. As such, some of the qualities traditionally accorded to the beautiful are harmony, proportion, symmetry, and perfection, as well as the ability to please the eye and the ear and captivate the spirit.

In this sense, one of the characteristics of beauty is experienced through the senses, mainly sight and hearing. As such, It is a subjective experience that can vary from one individual to another, but between cultures and eras.

However, it is agree that aspects such as harmony and proportion of shapes, symmetry of features, and the absence of physical defects are characteristic of physical beauty in a person, among other things, because they denote good health. Youth, in this sense, is also frequently associate with the concept of beauty.

Synonyms of beauty are pretty, loveliness, perfection, preciousness, attractiveness, charm.

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How to Observe?

Our cultural and educational level will regulate our access to [beauty], from physical or formal to the most intangible or subtle. It depends on how we find ourselves. It depends on our education or our culture and sensitivity; our aesthetic taste gradually takes shape in our lives, readings, chats, daily interests, etc.

The growth of our human potential, and our inner growth, will essentially make us know it; first, a [physical beauty], which we can observe with our five senses, and then, a [hidden beauty], an spirit, which the soul follows. We perceive [outer beauty] with our human eyes, with our senses, but we can learn to appear with the soul’s eyes and recognize inner beauty, which sometimes is not so obvious.

Inner beauty is find in human thoughts, feelings, and behavior. There is [beauty] in a daring act or the act of kindness, and there is it when one acts according to feature. And this is also a talent, the art of living since it needs learning, practice, dedication.

Outer and Inner Beauty

[External beauty] is related to the physical attractiveness of the person and is generally subject to the canons of the individual’s culture. The doctrine, in this sense, includes the set of characteristics that a society conventionally considers as beautiful.

On the other hand, a concept of [inner beauty] has been developed as opposed to outer beauty. [Inner beauty] would value ​​ a psychological nature, such as intelligence, grace, sympathy, personality, elegance, and charm, which are not apparent to the eye but are equally appreciated as aspects that give truthfulness to the person. The attractiveness of a person.

Natural and Artificial Beauty

Nowadays, it is also mutual to speak of natural beauty to refer to that which is naturally flaunt, without needing to go through the operating room to adjust any damage. In this sense, it is that having trace beauty is having natural physical beauty. The opposite is artificial beauty, currently on the rise, which involves cosmetic surgery to correct or enhance some aspects of the body to makeup it more beautiful.

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