5 Mistakes you are Making With Your Makeup Base

5 Mistakes you are Making With Your Makeup Base

Makeup Base – In theory, the pursuit of every makeup lover is to achieve a face with a unified tone, without imperfections, and with a natural appearance. However, in practice, things can be somewhat different. Getting the makeup base to be perfect is not as simple as it seems.

From noticeable patches, insufficient coverage or artificial finishes are the most common mistakes. But fresh, everything has a solution.

Choosing the Wrong Tone

If you choose a base tone that is different from the tone of your face, believe it – it will show. The most common beginner’s mistake is wanting to pick one darker than the actual shade. But stacks! that’s what blush or bronzer is for. The foundation should only be used to even the skin and beautify it.

Clever. You are a little more pro than that, and you would never fall into that mistake – but still, you can’t find the ideal tone? The answer is that you probably try the shade in the wrong place, such as on your wrist. This habitual gesture is the first step in leading you to failure. Well never, but never! you should try the foundation in a place other than your face (and if you are wearing makeup at the moment you can do it on the neck).

It’s the only way to make sure you’ve hit the right tone.

Ignore the Formula

Not all foundations work for your skin type – even if the color of the exact spot is, the formula may not suit your complexion. And believe it or not, it is not as difficult as it sounds.

The dry skin should look for a base that is moisturizing and leave a light finish, to keep moisture and no cracks. Forget about those that come in mousse format as they will dry your skin, highlighting every crease, wrinkle or imperfection. The same for powder foundations, which paradoxically are not recommended for oily skin either. On the other hand, mixed skin does benefit from its characteristics.

In the case of fats (and mixed), it must always be identified on the base label: oil-free. It is the only formula that guarantees that the foundation remains seated and lasts as long as possible.

The Order of the Factors Does Affect the Result

If your routine starts at the base, followed by a full make-up routine – contour, highlighter, etc – and finally you make up your eyes, you are making the worst mistake of all. And although yes, that is how they taught us to do it and that is how we have always done it, it has happened to all of us that the eyeliner ruins a perfect contour or the eyelash spoils your effort to cover your dark circles. Therefore, as strange as it may seem, the truth is that the order of the factors does affect the result.

Doing makeup first on the eyes and then on the face allows that if residue from your shadows falls or you get stained with the eyelash, it can be easily removed allowing the base to fulfill its function: luminous skin, without imperfections, stains, patches of different colors, and a natural finish.

Wrong dose

The base should be just that: the base for your makeup. That means that after applying it your face will not look perfect, it is only the first step. As logical as it is to want the foundation to hide all imperfections, applying it in high quantities ends up being unbearable torture for your skin without even fulfilling the mission.

First, areas with pimples or irritations should be treated with a concealer. Then you should apply the base – sparingly. Finally, you can seal it with mattifying powders.


There are many options on the market for tools to apply primer. From those that promise to leave no trace of the line, round, flat oval, large or small that allow access to the smallest areas of the face, to the famous beauty blender sponges.

The realism is that there is no single ideal tool. In this regard, only trial and error are valid. Of course, if you identify that yours absorbs more product than necessary, marks the line, or does not unify the tone, you know that it is a matter of changing the tool.

One Last Tip

If your skin is not well prepared to receive foundation, none of these recommendations will work! That is why it is important that you discover everything you need to know about makeup fixing sprays – the best ally for your foundation before and after.