The Carnivorous Diet, a Healthy Trend?

The Carnivorous Diet, a Healthy Trend

Carnivorous Diet : Eating or not eating red meat has as many supporters as detractors; However, in the last year, those who proclaim it as a superfood are beginning to recruit followers. Something that extreme carnivores, crypto carnivores, or reverse vegans (as they are known) are right about is that, beyond their taste, their nutritional properties are worth noting.

It is an excellent source of iron, that is clear to us. What we may not know is that this mineral is highly bioavailable; that is to say, “the digestive system easily absorbs it since it is in the ‘heme’ form (chemical classification given to iron in food). In addition, it contains ‘non-heme iron which better assimilated when combined with foods rich in vitamin C ”.

They also have a high content of proteins and certain vitamins of the so-called B complex (B1 and B2). It is a good source “of some important nutrients for the development of daily life activities such as zinc and selenium”.

Not Much Nor Little

According to experts, at all stages of life it is important to include red meat as part of a healthy diet, what varies is the size of the portion and the frequency, which can increase or decrease according to age and conditions of each one.

They also warn that stopping consuming it without adequate medical and nutritional monitoring is not the most advisable option. “There is the possibility of developing iron deficiency anemia, which can cause tiredness, vertigo, general paleness and brittle nails”.

A recommendation that applies in the opposite case: “If we talk about meat, its abuse can generate kidney load or excess uric acid, among other conditions,” adds. Likewise, when there is a high consumption of this food, the intake of others usually reduce, as it generates a greater feeling of satiety.

A Loin To Be Happy

Of this controversial trend, a topic that has generated a lot of concern is claiming that a carnivorous diet may be the key to curing depression. How true is it? “If the person has a deficit or excess in the consumption of some food, that can alter their health and that is where I believe that alteration in mood could triggered. If you well nourished, you will feel better and healthier ” , affirms the dietician nutritionist.

The reason may in the neurotransmitters composed of proteins that we obtain from our daily diet. “When you eat too little protein, its production limit and there are changes in your mood. The same happens if there is low intake of some vitamins and minerals (such as iron). Essential for the functioning of the nervous system ”.

Carnivorous Diet, And he adds: ” Tryptophan is an amino acid (protein) that found in meat and milk. And that together with several vitamins allows the formation of serotonin. The main neurotransmitter regulates the emotional state and is strongly related to what we eat. High levels of this hormone stimulate mood, curb food cravings, increase pain tolerance and allow for a conciliatory sleep. On the contrary, its low levels result in insomnia, depression, food anxiety, increased sensitivity to pain and aggressive behavior ” .

Ironically, the specialist concludes, a high protein diet does not guarantee to achieve higher levels of tryptophan or serotonin.  Only the balance in the intake of all the food groups (vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products, meats, legumes, fats, and sugars). Ensures adequate tryptophan and serotonin.