What does Fashion Mean – Influence, Brands and More

What does Fashion Mean – Influence, Brands and More

Fashion is consider a blessing and a curse for many others. Some users can assume it, and others can only contemplate it. Cheap or expensive, it reaches all societies, marking starting but not ending points in creativity.

Fashion is a lifestyle trendsetter taste of clothing and accessories for all of us. Beyond evolution, new technologies, and scientific advances, fashion is present in all areas. It can cover many aspects or come from anyone with a unique idea.

We can define fashion as a trend, whether concerning clothing, photo, concept, custom, that sets the tone. This trend can last for just one time or come and go at different stages of life.

However, the best fashion trends are associated with France. Today the city of Paris is considered the capital of world fashion. The human being in his frantic search for better clothes and accessories has allowed this trend to evolve.

For decades and centuries, the most significant impact on fashion has been reflected in clothing. More recently, the technique has been associate with accessories that combine with apparel.

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Influence of Fashion in Society

Fashion has influenced both negatively and positively in society, quickly grasp the population. Some say that society changes a lot due to fashion trends, and that is not good. On the other hand, many defend change because they claim that fashion combines cultures around the world.

The leading causes of changes in fashion are often celebrities, groups, and essential people in the world. Many people inside try to associate style with confidence and success.

Celebrities and upper-class people have more distinction when it comes to their outfits. Purchasing power is precisely associate with the reach of the latest innovations in fashion every year. Something that many people criticize about fashion is that it changes very quickly. When you think that you already have the newest trend, it turns out that something more innovative has already arrived to position itself in the market.

Although it is used for sales, this type of concept is aim at a specific market of the population. Thanks to the media, fashion manages to spread to a large number of people around the world. Many look forward to the latest trends and check the photo catalog hoping to see the innovation.

Impact of Brands

In fashion, the brand is everything, and the same shirt can vary the price depending on the manufacturer. The quality of the materials is very different between one brand and another.

From clothes, shoes, handbags, and more accessories, the brand determines the price and quality. Even many times, it is more important to show off the brand than to look good, to afford that you have the purchasing power to buy the product.

The brand is also associate with a specific market, be it sporty, elegant, party, or casual. Each manufacturer has its trend according to the concept it wants to implement.

Fashion Classification

Depending on the trend and personality over time, fashion has been classified into several categories:


Comfortable workout clothing that allows us to carry out outdoor activities and exercise due to the materials it is made. This type of clothing is flexible and comfortable, and it will enable us to perform specific movements that we cannot do with other designs.


They are those fresh, comfortable designs, usually cotton clothes, jeans, and soft fabrics with youthful touches. It is ideal for the weekends when you want to go out to have a different time. Usually, it is those clothes you wear when you don’t feel like choosing a lot to wear, making you look good.

Haute Couture Fashion

When it comes to competition, we have these designs, thousands of new models trying to make their buyers stand out. This category has demanding clients wanting to stand out in the media.

Artist award shows are packed with designs with these concepts in mind. The fabrics with which the arrangements are made highlight movie stars, singers, politicians, and actual figures worldwide in daily life.

Fashion Cocktail

This type is a mix of casual and gala clothes, often leading us to Haute fashion. It allows you to be comfortable and dressing well, characterized by being dressed short the highest percentage of the time.

It can be worn with any type of heel or dress shoes, ideal for enjoying a celebration with your friends.

Descontructive Fashion

It is representing by giving free rein to the imagination, extravagant, selfish, and out-of-the-ordinary designs. For some, this may seem crazy, and where it falls within the parameters of normality.

It can be said that more is better because it is based on giving a different touch to an already established design. The concept of this fashion is to make it stand out, and that it can be said that it became innovative.

Hippie Fashion

It is characterizing by wanting to express joy, optimism, peace and love. The clothes hippie is full of many colors with the usual symbol of peace I and comfortable clothes. This clothing gives you the freedom to move freely, and it is often cotton and jean clothing.

Usually, this fashion has youthful touches is based on the use of loose clothing. You can wear that type of clothing in sizes larger than yours, and you will still look great.

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